Thursday, February 21, 2013

Up to date :)

Thought this was a good one for todays photo of the day - theme being "Full", so I did my full vege and fruit draws in the fridge....

No the pineapple is not going rotten, for some reason it looked like that when I took the photo. 

OMG just got a text from David and he has won $800 worth of petrol vouchers.... awesome, I wonder if he will give me some of them lol. 

Anyway speaking of David, we have had some not so good news about his health, well it is not serious but could be if we don't knock some things on the head, so we had a good talk about it last night and what we are going to do..... and it will be good for me, I can't keep living of ice blocks though they are still about the only thing I can keep down for now. And though the CRPS wont disappear with any weight-loss, I also know that any weight-loss will also make my body better to cope. Sometimes it takes something like this to actually start thinking serious about health. 

Well was going to start some study today but still have not got myself motivated but will do some this afternoon. 

Still worried about Biscuit, Chico has had a good week, no seizure thingees for a few days and no hiccups, but Biscuit is still not happy so maybe another trip to the vet, gees the puppies have cost us a small fortune in the last few weeks :)

Anyway thats it from me for now, hope you are all having a good day. 

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  1. Ice blocks can be good for you and it seems you probably need them when you get too hot.

    Why not try home made with something like a protein shake. I know my protein shake that I make from scratch with berries, milk, yoghurt and whey protein powder freezes into ice blocks quite well. You could work out flavours that suit you.

    I have used Lepton Active Woman brand for years and can usually get it at Health 2000. It has stevia in it and I find it sweet enough even with plain greek yoghurt.

    I reckon Green Monsters and other types of smoothie would make decent enough ice blocks too.

    Just an idea.

    Wow Petrol vouchers. That would be about 3 months worth for us.

    Have fun.