Monday, March 18, 2013

A New Week....

and seeing as I studied most of the weekend, I am having a bit of a down day today for study...

Yesterday we went to my sisters and caught up with her and her partner, my father and my niece. It was really nice, only there a short while so didn't knock me around to much :) 

Not even sure why I am doing a post, have not got much to say lol... weekend was so so, nothing to exciting happened, oh we did get rain, suppose that is exciting for the framers who are in a drought, but with that comes the humidity.... like 100% not fun with CRPS :)

Oh yeah am getting bored with me, I am thinking of changing a few things, like the style of clothes, not all of it but maybe add a few non hippish clothes, and doing some more things in my life to make new friends hopefully... still thinking about how I could do it :)

Anyway thats about it for now, if something exciting does happen today then I will come back and tell you all :)

I have been looking for a new makeup brand, and think I have finally found one, it is Bella Vi, it is a pure mineral cosmetic, and it is animal friendly, if you are ever wanting to know what is animal friendly etc.... then check out PETA, they have heaps of greta information. Anyway back to Bella Vi, I have heard from a few people now that it is really good stuff, so when I start running out of stuff now, I am going to start replacing it with this brand. 

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  1. Changing things a little could be just what you need.