Monday, March 25, 2013

All in all.....

the weekend went pretty well, only once did we get on each others wick a bit.... yesterday I spent studying and David spent time outside tiding up.... On the Saturday we went out for breakfast, to a smorgasbord, don't really like them and didn't like this one either... considering I am eating bugger all it was an expensive breakfast for $30 a head lol, and because we got there just before they were closing the breakfast menu, it was all pretty dry. 

Steph has decided to stay in Auckland till after Easter now, she will be back on Tuesday of next week, as Tuesday is a holiday apparently, still got to confirm that lol - Chris came back last night but is bussing up again on Thursday night and coming back Tuesday as well, so David and I get to spend another weekend with just the two of us.... we are planning to go to the 'markets' in Tauranga on the Saturday weather permitting. Last time we went they were pretty good. Over the easter weekend we are also planning to take David's mum out for lunch.... we are also on our 2 week mid term break starting this Friday so I plan to enjoy 1 week and study the 2nd week, so I can get ahead a bit, speaking of study, my exams are all in the afternoon, which is out for me, so seeing if we can change them to the morning ones which they did last time so that should be fine, and also 2/3 of them my supervisor wont be there, so we are hoping they will let me sit them a day or so earlier, I am not so sure about that one though. I really don't want a new supervisor (she is my writer as well) because I feel so relaxed with her now. 

Over the next few weeks I am setting up a wish-list of clothes I want, not necessarily will get though :). I am also checking out stores in Brisbane/Gold Coast that sell plus size fashion for when I am over there. I will show them on here, I really want to change my style a bit for some clothes... I feel I need a bit of a change :)

Anyway this is not getting my political assignment done so best I get back into that, have wasted enough time this morning avoiding it :)

I am in love..... I found this site "HERE" and they make dresses to fit... in plus sizes.... and not badly priced... I am loving them the site is MISSMEL I am so excited they are an Aussie firm... now to decide on the style and fabric... and they sell the petticoats for under them as well, if you want to wear them that way... I am loving the top one and the red one I think.....

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