Thursday, March 14, 2013

Another day.... and was that rain I heard last night?

We had rain, not a lot but a little last night, was really nice to hear forgot what rain sounded like, most if not all of the North Island has been declared a drought, great that will bump the prices of veges up...

I have really lost all motivation to study.... but I must get back into it.

Today is 8 years that mum passed away, I will light my special candle at 4.05pm the time she passed while I was holding her hand.... A moment I still remember so vividly. 

Was wanting a cover and keyboard protector for my MacBook Air, could I find one here in NZ no, none that would fit the latest model, so onto Amazon I went and for $35 (NZ, and including postage) I found one, it is pretty blue, am getting bored of pink :)

Yesterday afternoon I had the most horrific turn, I am not sure what caused it, heat, dehydration, or maybe just part and parcel of the CRPS, I was so close to calling an ambulance, as David was in a course, managed to get myself to the couch, I was so dizzy and slept if off, whatever it was.... it is to hard to describe, but not in my entire life have I never had this before, and I hope I never get it again. 

Tonight Steph is making dinner, she is doing a chicken moroccan salad, and I thought for desert I would make the easy peasy coconut pie :). 

Oh yeah forgot to tell you, no weight loss this week in fact a 100 gram gain, not worried about it, as the scales are not going to dominate how I feel, else I will go psycho, I know where I went wrong and just need to fix it :)

Thats it folks for now, have a lovely day all :)


  1. What a nice way to remember your mother.

    Your turns sounds scary. It's awful when you do not know the cause.

    Hope you are doing better today.


  2. Did you see Dr Oz yesterday? Rosie O'Donnell was talking about her heart attack and in women one of the symptoms is dizziness and fatigue - like incredible tiredness. She didn't go to the doc until the day after and had had a massive heart attack! Don't want to scare you but be aware that for women the sympoms are different.

    It is nearly 35 years since my Mum died... I've forgotten what it is like to have a mum but I enjoy being a good mum to my kids :)

  3. Your turn sounds really scary. Glad you recovered but if it happens again maybe you should go to hospital.

    Moroccan salads are lovely.

  4. Were you conscious through the whole thing? as in, did you black out? or dizziness on it's own? Dizziness can be caused by a few different things, but basically it's your brain not being perfused enough with blood ... which mostly is either blood pressure too low, or too high. Things to think about as possible causes for this (but not limited to) - dehydration, blood sugars too low, infection/virus, bladder infection, blood sugars too high, previous bang to the head (recent), virtigo or inner ear infection, heart problems (like Lynda said). I can't remember if you are diabetic or not, if you are that is even more reason to get it checked out, as female diabetics are at a high risk of 'silent MI's ... which is what Lynda was saying, diabetes causes nerve damage and sometimes if the nerves in the heart are damaged they don't feel chest pain. Did you have any discomfort in your left arm at the time? or shortness of breath? ... that also can be signs it might be your heart.. anyway I'll stop now before I scare you or bore you (ambulance hat coming off) ... Hope you feel better today