Sunday, March 31, 2013

Another day....

The weather held of again today so we went out for lunch, with David's brother and mum and then we went to the Soundshell Market, got there late and some of the stalls were closing up but still managed to score another handbag, yes one of my addictions, we took David's mum there as well and she used my chair, it was nice that she could go and see it, as it has been years since she had been. 

We went to Abracadabra for lunch, was looking forward to the chicken sandwich without the bread, but they had run out of chicken :(, nothing else took my fancy so ended up eating out of the cabinet and got an Apricot and Beef Pie - left most  of the pastry but boy the inside of the pie was to die for, it was so delicious, having said that, the food is always fantastic there :).
The picture above, also has a photo of the bag I got, love the colours so much.... I used to buy nothing but leather handbags, but now only buy fake leather or fabric.... I really love these sort of bags.

Tomorrow is stay at home day and study, study study....

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  1. Well done on the eating - glad David is having some success too. I hope you had a nice Easter :)