Sunday, March 10, 2013

Another week has nearly gone by....

This weekend has involved lots of thinking....... and discussions with David.

First of what have we been up to, last Thursday after my haircut we went to the Thursday night markets here in Rotorua.... we had not been for a while and once daylight savings ends, then so will we visitng the markets, as it is just to cold with my CRPS, drastic temp changes going from indoors to outdoors is no good for my poor body :), only have 1 photo, I really need to remember to take more photos.... oh and need to remember to move my finger whoops lol....
And who could resist this photo.... two little spoilt babies while I was in the shower... oh and the sheet thing on top of the duvet was because Chico was spewing which has now not happened for 24 hours yay :)
Yesterday as Briscoes was having one of their many sales, we decided to have a look, and Steph and her boyfriend came with us, which was really nice lol... we also went out for lunch, anyway back to Briscoes they had these duvet sets with 60% off and there was one left in a king size, so it was meant to be ours and we grabbed it, I really like it....... and we got a few other cheap things.

Anyway now onto these huge decisions I have made, well one mainly, on Monday I am getting a phone-call from the Social Work Area of Massey University, they do this for every 3rd year student, regarding placements etc... I have decided to pull out of the placement as there is no way I can do 60 days of placement, the way I am at the moment, it has been stressing me out so much, also we have the trip to Aussie in there, which would not normally have been to much of an issue normally, even if I did just mornings, which would probably be all I could at the moment, then that would be 6 months of placement..... and that is not fair on Massy or the firm that will take me in for the placement. I feel really sad but I have no other option really :( :(, so on Monday when she rings I will need to be honest, there is only like 4 months to the placement, and things happen so slow with CRPS that I know I am not going to magically get better in these 4 months.... I am really hoping they will allow me to do the year 4 papers next year and then maybe do the year 3 placement then as well, which would mean I only would need to complete the final year 4 placement in 2015. Thats the best I can hope for, for now..... so cross fingers, send me all the positive vibes you can, I really hope this plan will work out. Then in the 2nd semester of this year I will continue to do some rehab papers... else I will need to review my degree. 

In the meantime, I have some papers to pass, so that next year I can do the year 4 papers..... thinking positive that it will all work out here ;)

Anyway thats about it for now, and photo of the day still deciding on that one :)

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  1. praying your phone call will go well and they offer you an excellent option.