Friday, March 22, 2013

Assignment handed in.....

Assignment in with an hour to spare..... I found it really hard, all I am hoping is that I am on the right track with it, oh well nothing I can do about it now if it is wrong....

Ohhhh how pretty, this is where the puppies sleep in the day time, well where Biscuit sleeps at night on Steph's bed in the bean bag :) Chico sleeps on the pillow, cause she can look outside at the comings and goings.... in the first one is where I took it outside and she is looking out - so cute :)

For the rest of today and most of the weekend, I am going to have down time, with no kids and David and I back communicating, it will hopefully be a nice weekend :) Steph is driving up and Chris will be catching the bus, seems a bit silly that until she gets her full license she can not have anyone in the car with her unless they have had their full license for 2 years, oh well thats the law....There is an exemption I can apply for when she has had her restricted for 6 months, which I will look at, so that she can take Chris as a passenger, it will be on the grounds that with my meds I can no longer drive distances blah blah blah..... 

Anyway thats me for now, have an awesome weekend all and talk soon :)

I have spent the rest of the day just blobbing in front of the TV, did my nails and toes so they are looking nice, got some cool headband things in the mail, will show you when I wear them, maybe on the weekend, if we go out somewhere :) It is so nice to be having a blobbing day :)


  1. Good work on getting your assignment in :) and cute pics of your dogs ... awww :D

  2. Well done on getting your assignment finished.

    You & David have a lovely, relaxing weekend together.