Thursday, March 21, 2013

Assignment is nearly done....

Assignment should be finished by 11am tomorrow morning when it is due, I have to admit it has not been an easy one, and I am struggling  as well with the med increase.

David and I had a talk last night, we got some things out in the open, so just maybe things might get better, this morning I signed my will, we updated them finally. So now if one of us die at least we know the other one will be fine, well hopefully :)

This morning I had my hand therapist, the swelling is going down in the wrists, which is great and  ROM (range of movement) is stable yay.... we think it has a lot to do with me using dragon dictation and that is making the difference and not aggravating the hands/wrists. Next week I have my pain psychologist, I think I need a session lol. 

The mornings are finally getting chillier, Autumn is certainly here, must admit am loving the slightly cooler weather, but not looking forward to winter, Autumn and Spring are my favourite months. 

Today is Thursday (in case you didn't know), that means Steph is cooking tonight, she is doing butter chicken and making it from scratch, looking forward to it :). Both kids are going to Auckland this weekend, it will be good for David and I to have some time together, he has had a rough few weeks at work with a big case and hopefully after today the worse should be over, so hopefully we can both relax a bit this weekend... as I have no assignments due, it means I can take the weekend off too :)

This morning, I spent some time putting make-up on and doing my hair, it has been a while since I took some pride in myself, I always feel so much better when I do, even if I am not going out, unless you call the hand therapist an outing lol. Time for me to take control of me again. 

Am starting to get really excited about our trip now to the Gold Coast, it will do David and I the world of good.... just hope we have a house to come back to, the kids will be housesitting, a bit scary lol. The good thing is we will be saving on kennel fees for the puppies as they can now stay home :). Think I will tell them that there grandfather is going to be popping on a couple of times, checking up on them ;)

Anyway this is my lunch break and I watch Emmerdale, which is a little exciting at the moment, yes boring I know :).

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