Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Happy Easter.....

To me Easter begins today so wishing you all a happy easter today.

This weekend and over the week, I am setting up a CRPS website, there is nothing here in New Zealand at the moment, so want to get this up and going soon, but assignment first.....then will spend the week finishing it off, have purchased a domain name, and currently building up the website, it wont be anything flash as I am not very good at HTML, but must have done an ok job with the Tourettes one I did, because I got lots of good feedback from it, and helped heaps of families - the Tourette's one is now closed as I could not keep it up.

At the moment, I am struggling a bit with OCD, yes I have it, but can usually get by but it is rearing it's ugly head, I am trying not to let it beat me, I think it is because I am a bit stressed at the moment..... not a bad stress really, and am actually quite happy if that makes sense. I think the website will be good for me for a week or so, take my mind of things.....

Pain wise, it has decreased drastically since the med increase, which is brilliant, but of course this comes with  side effects which will hopefully subside over the next few weeks. But it makes a hell of a few weeks in the meantime,

Tomorrow we are off to Tauranga to the Farmers Market and then to the Little Big Markets at the Mount, by then I will be ready to come home I think, am looking forward to it :)

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  1. Happy Easter to you too.

    I know how much you love going to Tauranga.

    Have a wonderful day.