Friday, March 8, 2013

Have woken up feeling so much better, poor old Chico vomited twice again last night, think it might be a vet visit, but she is 100% excellent between and is drinking water...... plays heaps etc.... but think to be on the safe side we will take her in. 

Anyway a couple of day shots with my hair, can not wait for the orange to come out next visit, hope I can wait 4 weeks lol..... but am loving the white on the front which is what it will be like, today has been the first day in ages I have put on make-up, felt so good, having a decent haircut, eyebrows etc.... 

Today I need to work on two assignments, one is the policy and the other is Maori NOT!!!

Had a good nights sleep last night, which has also made a huge difference to the way I feel today. 

Anyway time to get Chris to tech.... 


  1. I love the hair!! Even with the orange, which I actually would call golden ... nice pics of you and your gorgeous smile!!

  2. I love your new colour i too thin it looks golden the white is nice.