Saturday, March 30, 2013

Long Weekend...

We left Rotorua and it was pelting down, and were deciding if we should turn around and go home cause it was so wet - not good when you are planning the markets. Anyway we figured a bit of rain was not going to do any major damage to us, so we carried on. Got to Tauranga and though it was cloudy the rain held off - in fact it was perfect, not to hot and a small breeze, not bad enough to annoy the CRPS, but enough to stop me sweating like I had just done a major workout. 

At the Farmers Market in Tauranga, we got some lovely meat and sausages..., the place was buzzing as usual, was hoping to score some feijoas, but they were sold out :(.

After that we went to The Little Big Markets at the Mount, it was busy busy busy, lots more stalls than last time, did not buy anything, both of these times I walked as it was cool enough and was to busy for the wheelchair.
After that we went to Cafe Babette at the Mount, was really nice and loved that you could get half servings, that suited me perfect... I had a half serving of Egg Benedict and David had an Omelette and left the bread :). Both meals were delicious, and will go there again one day.
The day was really nice, stopped at the supermarket on the way home, and got the kids a small easter egg each. Steph is home tomorrow, and Chris on Tuesday. Later in the week or next week, we will have a new addition to the family - more on that next week.

Have been working on my CRPS site, am hoping to have that up and running in the next couple of weeks, it takes a fair bit of time to get it up and running.

Tomorrow we are going to take David's mum out for lunch, and then if the weather is fine, we might take her to the Soundshell Market in Rotorua, she can use the wheelchair :).


  1. So glad you continued on to Tauranga and a lovely day.

    Congratulations to David. It's not easy to give up that bread when you know it's going to taste good.

    Have a lovely day


  2. That eggs benedict looks divine half serves how perfect, Lone Star has opened in Taupo there serves are One and a HALF just plain ridiculous.