Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Not meant to be this year....

Well as I thought, Social Work is not going to be happening this year, the year 4 papers I can not do as it is all about the placement etc..... which I had thought, but was hoping it wasn't.... I am not fit enough to do the 12 week placement, 40 hours a week..... maybe next year hell, that is over 12 bloody months away. So for now I have been looking at what I can do degree wise, I can do 2 more papers and have a BA in Social Policy which basically gives me nothing as I hate politics... but at least I will have a degree..... other option is I do a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Rehab. as I have done some rehab papers, and can credit some of my other papers, that means it could nearly be finished end of next year.... I can do the whole lot extramurally, and there is no placement, and then if next year if some miracle happens and I go into remission, I can continue the Social Work degree 2nd Semester next year. Though it is not my first option it is prob the best option for now.... This will give me a job in the area of rehab or disabilities :)

Today I have caught up on housework, and did groceries.... oh yeah David went to the doctors, his blood pressure has come down and one of his sugar things in his blood tests is also on the way down, so am stoked and so is he.... We are doing about 80% low carb, last night I made a cottage pie with cauliflower mash on the top... it was ok, the only thing I didn't like was the texture of the mash in my mouth, since my CRPS, anything that is a different texture makes me vomit, any ideas out there on how I can make it more like potato mash, and I used the electric hand better and it flew everywhere out the bowl when I first started mashing it, the dogs were having a ball running around picking it up and eating it....lol. 

Anyway time to get back into it I suppose... have a lovely day all :)

I am increasing my meds at the moment, and they are knocking me for six, I hate waiting for the side effects to settle..... I am so tired and finding the study really hard right now....


  1. So sorry you cannot finish things the way you want to but the rehab idea sounds pretty good to and all your social work skills will come into play anyway.


  2. Sorry to hear about your placement ... that sucks! Backup plan is good for now and you never know what life may have for you just around the corner :)

    As for the cauli mash ... Dry it out heaps first. I actually mine in a gauze mesh last time (or an old teatowel) and twist it to squeeze out all the moisture, then add some cream cheese/normal cheese to add creaminess to it. You should be able to just use a potato masher on it, or even better a stick mixer if you have one (not a beater). I think the key is getting as much moisture out as possible (even if you have to add some milk afterwards to bring it back. Let me know how you get on doing it this way.

  3. My cauli mash instructions are up on today's post :)

  4. Bugger about the placement. Still , you do have other options and it is important to keep positive. Working in the rehab & disability area will give you access to lots of medical professionals, new methods etc that may be of use to you.

    Also, you will have great empathy for those you are working with as you have experienced longterm pain and illness with your CRPS.

  5. I do my cauliflower mash the same as Lyn, who I got the idea from :-)