Thursday, March 28, 2013

Time to knuckle down.....

Yip one of those days where I could not sleep, lots of things going around in my head and in a bit of pain....

If I want to enjoy the weekend, I need to knuckle down today and really study hard on my assignment, though this morning is a bitzy morning, with taking Chico to get groomed and picking her up again later, and dropping Chris of at the bus, picking up meds and some food shopping so I can stay away from the supermarket the long weekend, days like today are hard to study cause you keep getting distracted with other stuff 

Also I think David and I will sit down tomorrow and watch some videos on low carb eating, so I can understand more about what it really is about, and with the apple TV, I can now watch it on the big screen without both of us huddled over a computer. Also this weekend, I might experiment with some different meals, snacks etc... (all low carb of course) - speaking of low carb, this week we well more I have let a few to many carbs in my body, so this weekend, will also be a knuckle down weekend on food and once I have got this assignment done, I have nearly 2 weeks off, so will really practice different meals when I have the time. 

Yesterday got some batteries for the scales, as the last week or so, you could stand on it 5 times and get 5 different readings lol.... some of them mind you I loved, others not quite so much :)

Anyway might be back later, in the meantime have an awesome weekend :)

Here is a really good video on CRPS, it really explains it well....

Please check it out :)

Oh and dinner last night was really yummy those burgers are going to become a regular in this house :)

Today I have printed of many pages from the "PETA" site on companies that do and don't test on animals, and as things run out I am going to make an effort to buy all animal friendly brands as much as possible :)


  1. Been meaning to tell you that Craig has CRPS from a saw accident on his right hand (nearly sawed it right off at the wrist) but they were able to save it and reattach everything... but some of the nerves got misplaced and he gets the pain messages all the time. Some days worse than others. And really strange that he feels things in different parts of his hand than where the sensations should be ie. if you touch his thumb he feels it on his palm etc. Hope you have a great weekend :) and we'll wave as we got by when we travel down to Pukehina (im sure thats down your way aye?)

  2. What videos do you have? I think we would be interested in them too. Apart from reading the Wheat Belly book and me reading Blogs we have never watched anything Low Carb together.

    All the best for a relaxed weekend.