Monday, March 11, 2013

Today is the day I will find out....

what Massey can do to help me with my placement...... I talk to them this afternoon.

Last night Steph had the sudden urge to clean her room and I mean a proper spring clean and she no longer wanted her desk.... so I grabbed it and put it in the bedroom and am using it for a make-up desk...At the moment I just have a long mirror on it, but I will look for a proper mirror :), I am stoked I no longer need to compete with Steph for the bathroom and also people can have their showers and I can still do my make up.....

Yesterday David and I went for a walk around the shops like Bond and Bond. Harvey Norman etc.... and he got himself a bean bag, but Biscuit has already taken it over lol, anyway we ok I was drooling over the Apple stuff as I normally do and then David said I could have a MacBook Air if I wanted one, well it would have just been rude to have said no wouldn't it?, we also got an Apple TV, so now I have everything on my wish list, I know longer want anything, my life is complete..... I got the small 11inch one so I can take it with me for study etc.... 

This morning got up early while everyone was asleep and started my study, Chris is still in Auckland till tomorrow night, he has been having a ball, kayaking, snorkelling, he is doing really awesome, am really proud of him and how well he is dealing with his OCD etc.... Steph also has got a part time job in an ice-cream place, so things are all starting to fall into place :) And I am loving the cooler mornings and the slightly cooler nights, that also is making me a much happier person :)

Anyway washing is calling and time for me to get back into my assignment :)

Oh yeah before I forget, Chico is no longer vomiting yay.... and finally after 2 years, I got a wedding photo framed, we had a really nice frame from one of my closest friends in Aussie (i have known her since I was 10), we hardly keep in touch, but do try and get together when her family is here or when we go to the Gold Coast as she lives in Brisbane, we have printed it of ourselves that way we can change it when we get sick of it lol.


  1. Yay on the new computer! I love new gadgets and loved my apple mac when I had one a few years ago

  2. I too have a MacBook Air - the next size up. I love it!!!