Thursday, March 7, 2013

Today - Part 2:

I got me hair done, I went blonde, but to get it perfect we need to do it one more time, so will go back in 4 weeks and finish it off properly, this will make it completely white blonde as at the moment where I have had the colour it is still not right, but thats ok, it will give me time to make my hair nice and soft and strong again.... I will also be putting some light purple colour through as well :). But I am happy with what we have for now....

Here I am at the hairdressers :)

Here is one at the coffee shop :) - no makeup..... :(
 Here I am in my PJ's...... a bit sad I know but hey.....

 The colour I am going to be is what the fringe is - white the ones above where you can see the darker blonde will be done again next time.....
And just because, I was mucking around so did these :)

Well thats probably enough from me for now.... Chico had a small breakfast and was fine, gave her some more when I got home and puked all over the bed.... ggggrrrrr so duvet and sheets all being washed again, as it had gone right through by the time I discovered it.....

After having a day of study, I am feeling a fraction better.... Lyn I am doing my 3rd year of Bachelor of Social Work, it is 4 years.....

Back to the study tomorrow, so catch you later ;)

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  1. Blond suits you.

    Weekend coming up. Hope it's a good one. Guess what after all the lack of rain .... rain is forecast for when we go to the Ellerslie Flower Show. Murphy has a lot to answer for.

    Will catch up when I can.