Thursday, March 7, 2013


is about me... well kind off anyway, today I am getting my hair done, not sure what I am going to get done yet... maybe blonde, maybe black - have no idea. 

Was going to get my eyebrows done, but postponed that so I am not rushing back... might see if they can fit me in there at the hairdressers, Steph is driving me, so she will get her eyebrows done, and if they look good then I might try and get mine done there as well......

Last night just as I was going to bed, Chico decided to spend an hour power chucking everywhere, have no idea why.... she seemed fine in between vomits like running around playing etc.... was getting quite concerned cause it just seemed to never stop. This morning she has had a small breakfast and am really hoping I don't come home to a spewy house. 

Anyway still barely talking to anyone, but thats life for now, maybe one day I will come out of my sulky mood, but not today :).

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  1. Sorry to hear you are in blue mood. I often don't feel like talking. Then when I start it's hard to stop.*haha*

    Pain and drugs take their toll. No-one talks much about this but talking takes A LOT of energy.

    So it's related to your mood but guess how much that is related to fatigue and/or weariness.

    Hope your hair do goes well.