Saturday, March 23, 2013

Weekend is upon us.....

Just a couple of photos of me today, cause today I have woken up feeling good and relaxed :), sent in another assignment this morning, so that means I have all week to work on the policy paper, which I HATE!!!! The first picture is showing of my nails, should have got my rings in there as well, as I am still wearing both the engagement and wedding rings :)

The next one is just me lol....
And this one is of one of the headbands I have purchased, I am loving being able to wear headbands again, and they look so much better with blonde hair, another 2 weeks and the final lot will be bleached can't wait :)
David has just texted me and my car passed a WOF, yay another 6 months I don't need to worry about, I think WOF's are scarier than the dentist, we are now going to go out for breakfast and enjoy the day :)

Things are feeling pretty good this weekend, lets hope they stay that way, have a lovely day all :)


  1. I do like the blonde hair it is really pretty BUT I LOVE the hairband more...

  2. You look lovely and wonderfully happy. Congratulations on getting your assignments done.

    Enjoy your weekend together.


  3. Hi

    I think the blonde hair really suits you!