Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yay.... long weekend ahead :)

Tonights dinner is Pesto Beef Burger Patty, recipe can be found "here", not sure what we will have with it, prob a salad of some sort... but forgot the camembert cheese, so might have to find some other cheese :) - looking forward to it.

Below is my laptop sleeve, we are taking it to Aussie and when you spend so much money on one, you want to look after it, well I do anyway :), this fits the laptop perfect. 
Tomorrow, Chris is off to Auckland and back Tuesday, so just David and I for the weekend, will be good for us. He is doing well on his weight loss as well being on low carb food, I am losing but not as good as him. 

Am going to make a slight change with this blog, am going to add more recipes that I try and also I want to add some more stuff about CRPS, like latest information etc... am thinking I might set up a website and link it with this blog, it will just be basic stuff.... might do that next week, when I am on mid term break ;).

Anyway lunch is calling and so is Emmerdale, thats what I watch in my lunch break :)

Had my psychologist appointment this morning, it was just what I needed as things were starting to get on top of me... am really  looking forward to spending the weekend with no kids and hopefully no stress, though I do have to work on my assignment.

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  1. Jackie have a restful and relaxing weekend.

    Your dinner looks very inviting might make them over the weekend.

    Take care.

    Southgirl xx