Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Have been checking out the PETA site for companies that don't test on animals, and the company that does my hair colour are animal friendly, I can use it with no guilt now. Slowly I am trying to change over to companies that do not test on animals etc...  but bugger my conditioning treatment does, so will need to look for another brand, when this one runs out.

This flower below, is a plant that was given to the family on mums death 8 years ago, dad had it for a few years and then split it into 3 for my sister and I each to have a piece. Every year it gets one flower (I don't know why only 1 but hey), on the day of mums death... it always brings a smile to my face :)

Both the kids are of to Auckland this weekend, they have a friends 21st to go to, and I think Chris is going up Easter weekend. Cant believe Easter is nearly here already.

Weighed in again today and lost another 500 grams, so seem to be averaging about 500 grams a week, perfect for me right now. Am still doing mostly low carb and like last time finding it quite easy. 

This afternoon Steph is coming home at lunchtime, and we are going to have a coffee and do some shopping - I think we need some girly time together :)

And on that note an essay is calling my name...

Look what arrived in the post, it is quicker to buy things from Amazon and get them posted here than buying here in New Zealand... my MacBook Air cover and keypad, now it wont scratch and it looks so pretty :)

I love it :)


  1. what a beautiful well cared for peace lily you have there!! And well done on the loss :)

  2. Well done on the loss.

    Love the Mac cover, its a very pretty blue :-)

  3. wow I feel lucky ... total page views when I ready your blog today ... 49,999 ... cool! Oh and I love the mac cover too!! Very cool!!