Sunday, March 3, 2013


We went to Tauranga, Mount actually and went to the "Little Big Markets", where they sell heaps of arts and crafts at their monthly markets, first time I had ever been and will be going again I loved it....
This is what I purchased and next time which will be Easter weekend, I am going to save some more money cause their were heaps of stuff I loved... I purchased these jandals they massage your foot as well as the magnets in them are suppose to help.... figured I had nothing to lose so got a pair... I really wanted pink or blue but had none left in my size :(. Anyway you can find out more about them "here". I also purchased a couple of hair bands as I love them, one has daisy's which remind me of my younger days, hey my body may be getting old but that does not mean my mind has to :). The other one has pretty flowers on them :)

After that we went to the Mount for a walk, stroll around, I did use my chair at the markets but decided to walk the street shops, it was in the shade and wanted to give my jandals a go, they felt kinda funny but were ok, I only wore them for a bit.

After that we went to Papamoa Shops, it was ok but was out in the sun and that was a no-no, so I have learnt though it was not for long, it was to long, but first pictures 

The bottom two is what we left over for lunch, I ate the rissole and a few chips from my burger and David left all his carbs by this stage I was starting to get ill.... 
The photos below is David pushing me in the chair, and I was just mucking around with a photo program :) - See told you I needed a haircut ;) - this Thursday it will be happening. 

Speaking of ill, the trip home was I don't even have the words to say it was hell and that was being nice, the pain shot though the roof, I cried I swore all the way home. It ruined the whole day, the only thing I can think what caused it was being out in the sun a bit...

Anyway in case you think I had forgotten here are the photo's of the day.... yesterdays photo was "I MADE THIS" ok I had a bit of help from the ex but I did make them the twins :)

And todays photo is "KEY" so here we have it :), of course with my little Kombi Van keyring :)

So thats it from me today, I am resting up after yesterday, have a lovely Sunday all :)

Oh and one last thing remember we got these.... back on the 24th Feb, like just over a week ago, 
 Well I managed to do this to them in just 1 week, have no idea what I have done wrong to them but they certainly don't like me.....

I know I am bloody useless when it comes to indoor plants etc.... but shit they normally last longer than a week.....  

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  1. So sorry things went array yesterday. I guess you have to focus on the good part of the day and try to forget the rest. Pain isn't that easy to forget though.

    Cooler day here so hope you get thr right kind of rest and feel better ASAP.