Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Bit of This and a Bit of That....

We have in New Zealand and I am sure everywhere else in the world also has them, the daily emails you get where you can grab a bargain.... I purchased a box of fruit for $20, value $40.... anyway before I continue we need to back up a bit, as you know I am eating many kiwifruits/grapes etc a day to get things moving, well I had just been out and purchased a whole lot of kiwifruit, forgetting I had ordered a box of fruit - anyway I get home and find the box had arrived with many many kiwifruit in it...could have saved myself some money oh well... anyway here is the box that turned up...

It has:
2 Kilos of normal kiwifruit
2 Kilos of gold Kiwifruit
1 Kilo of Feijoas (wish it was more)
2 Kilos of Oranges
2 Kilos of Granny Smith Apples
2 Kilos of another sort of Apple, (Can't remember what type)
2 Kilos of some sort of Pear (which I also have forgotten what type)

Anyway onto other things, here is a photo of my nails.... though they look orange they are more red than orange :)
Speaking of nails, I also purchased the mini pack of the liquid sand as well.... and if I really love a colour I will get the big one.... Have I mentioned how much I love the liquid sand nail polish :)
Been for a walk this morning, need to do another 1 or 2 this afternoon. Still no movement but I am sure it will happen one day soon - well it bloody better.

Oh yeah ordered my business cards today for my website, love them, and on the back I have done a short blurb about what CRPS is...can't wait to get them :)

Tomorrow is Anzac day here in New Zealand and Australia, it is a day of work for David so will be nice :)

Another day I am feeling pretty good, even the increase on the scales is not getting me down, as I know I have a legit reason why they are up... and even the awful nausea I got last night couldn't keep me down for long... and also waiting for my tutor to get back to me on an assignment is not getting me down, even if it is due on Friday and I have not started it... (I am waiting for her to approve the topic, lucky it is not a long assignment and it only needs to be a draft copy in on Friday) :)

Oh and here is a link for you check out - 8 things I miss most as a result of chronic pain... click 'here' I am sure most of us with chronic pain can relate to most of these... I might do my own list over the next few days ")

Have a nice afternoon all :)

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