Monday, April 8, 2013

About time for an update....

 That assignment finally got  done, I better pass cause I spent many many bloody hours on it. Posted it on Sunday, and hope I never get another assignment like that ever again.

On Saturday we went to the markets, nothing like the Farmers Market in Tauranga, but cheaper fruit and veges than the supermarkets. Made the Haymaker Pie for dinner which everyone loved.

On Sunday we went for  drive out to Lake Tarawera, it was a beautiful day... My daughter who hates her photo taken allowed me to take a few from her this outing, Chris was at his mates house so missed out. While out there we decided to have a walk (well Steph and David walked, I was in the chair :)) through the Buried Village, it is free for locals or $32 if you live out of Rotorua, personally I think it is a rip off but hey thats me....
A Panoramic view of Lake Tarawera
Anyway back to Buried Village, like I said above I got to relax in the chair, while Steph and David gave their arms a good workout. We missed the huge waterfall as there is no way I can do the hundreds of steps, well it seemed that many when I went down last time... I said for David and Steph to go down but they couldn't be bothered - yip an energetic bunch we are :) Sunday night David cooked a roast for dinner, it was really nice :)

 Did my nails with an OPI yellow nail polish, have been looking for one for ages a nice yellow one, well this was not a nice yellow one, lucky I only bought a mini bottle, I then put a silver crackle on the top thinking that might look better, well that made them worse lol.... I call it karitane yellow but I can not be bothered changing it before we head to Palmerston North on Wednesday...

The upp in meds, is really knocking me for six... this morning I took my night meds, and was wondering when I was getting a few groceries why I was so tired... :(, have to really watch myself now for a while and hope the side effects calm down sooner rather than later.... cause right now I am a dangerous person to be around :).

It is kinda funny how people talk about CRPS as invisible pain, cause I certainly not only feel my pain, I can see it as well, with swelling, colour changes, temperature changes, like I am cold to touch but am sweating like a not very ladylike pig :).

On Friday got my hair bleached again, it is now how I love it... no colour in it this time around - photos above of my hair :)

This morning my Aunty (dads sister) in Holland passed away, that cancer took her life away, like most of my Aunties and Uncles. Have met her once a few few years ago, when I went to Holland. 

Just thinking about this low carb eating, if it works as well as people have said, then why are the doctors not picking up on it... is there enough long term studies done on this way of eating, don't get me  wrong that I am against it cause I am not as I am doing it - just curious if the success rate is as high as what we read, why are doctors not recommending it more, or why are diabetes organisations not promoting it, surly if it works as well as they say, it would be promoted more? I have yet to do it long term, so have no idea what long term results are for me. I can understand why people eat like what my parents and grandparents ate like in their day, as there was no fast food companies etc... so people like my family who did not have much money, lived basically of the land, but they ate things like homemade bread, potatoes, rice.... etc, higher carb foods. I try and eat as little as possible processed foods... Just curious thats all :).

I have done nothing on my CRPS website, hoping to tomorrow and better pack as well for Wednesday when we go away, I am not looking forward to going away with not being very well at the moment, but the contact course is absolutely compulsory, if I don't go then I don't pass :( 

So you prob wont hear from me till the weekend, unless something really exciting happens between now and then, oh and next week have an appointment with ACC next week, thats enough to stress anyone out :)


  1. It 's not just the carbs now - it is the oils too. Back in my parent's day they used animal fat and butter. That was it - not these omega 6 bad vegetable oils are everywhere and in everything.

    If our bodies were not "broken" by the large amounts of carbs from processed foods then sure we could live as out parents and grandparents did - don't forget there was plenty of diabetes and heart disease then but more in the older age groups, not the young people as we see now.

    Modern life is so different, food is so different. If you had no medical problems then sure a person can have some grains and potato etc but trying to lose weight while pumping out insulin all the time is no answer. Did that answer anything? You know I could go on and on... hehe

  2. YAY for getting your assignment done and posted off!! Sounds like you had a great weekend.
    Hope that you feel better soon - take care and look after yourself !

  3. I think some of it comes down to how highly processed things are now . When we were growing up bread didn't last as long as it does, so there is so many more preservatives etc.

    I think the way they process wheat is very different now, so it doesn't even resemble what our parents ate.

    I am also yet to do it for any length of time, or though I should have been doing it for a long time.

  4. Love the pics of you and the family! Your daughter is gorgeous!! And love the hair!

  5. Love all the pics, they are gorgeous. And yes, love your hair...think it really suits you.

  6. About low carb diets ....we are strongly influenced by research done with the backing of big food interests. There seems to be a general understanding in the low car/real food/paleo communities that it's nearly impossible to break through the hold grain interests have which have resulted in almost all the processed foods we have now from cereals, bread to most oils, margarine, and not least corn syrup.

    I taste tested some delicious macadamia nuts with Kona coffee flavouring. I would have loved to have brought some home but being aware of our tough customs stance we are cautious. Anyway I changed my mind fast when I saw that corn syrup was about the ingredient after nuts. I asked myself why they needed sweetening. Macadamia nuts have a natural sweetness.

    Then I read somewhere about another 'successful' attempt to make food in the lab by modifying something or other. What I do not understand is how the grain lobby, also known as Monsanto, has more power than meat, chicken/egg and dairy farmers. I think the world is going crazy and I'm thankful to the brave souls who buck the official dietary line.

    That was my abreviated rant!!1

    Yay! You got your hair the way you like it. Karitane nails don't sound quite as good *smiles*

    Have really appreciated your comments on our trip. I must stop fiddling here and get the next post completed.