Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Another Month Over With....

Well here we are, 2nd day into the fourth month of the year - just in case you missed it :)

The weekend, went pretty good, We went to a miniature train show at Rotorua on Monday.... it was ok, as far as miniature trains go lol 

After that we went out for lunch, I was over going out, but we had Steph with us and she wanted to go out so we did, after that her and David went to Tauranga and she got herself a pet.... no not Chico just thought I would add her to the photo's - she got herself a rabbit, a mini lop, it is kinda cute, it lives in her room :) - still deciding on a name for him. 
I have had my last increase of my meds, so hopefully the side effects will start easing, else I am screwed, cause every afternoon if I don't fall asleep then I am ill... so a sleep is the best choice, the pain has decreased dramatically so for now that is what I am focussing on.

This week I am getting my hair bleached so after this session, it will be how I like it - can't wait. Was going to put some light purple highlights in but have decided to leave it this time and do it next time. 

I am sure I mentioned a couple of days ago, that I need to knuckle down, somehow I forgot about that and Easter weekend was a bit of a disaster.....certainly not eating as much as what I was before, but for me it was a binge weekend. But now really is the time, to get back into proper low carb eating again.

The one thing I hate about the methadone, is that it constipates me, even with things like Phloe and eating a ton of grapes and kiwifruit, everyday is still a struggle.....any suggestions please.

Oh yeah once I get the CRPS website up and going, I will be putting this blog on it, well linking the blog on the site....so CRPS will be mentioned more on here, I have sort of been not mentioning much about the CRPS on here, but if this is going to be a blog that is about CRPS, I need to be more honest on here and talk about the good and the bad. 

And on that note, dinner in the crockpot is smelling pretty darn good - I am having to prepare all my dinners in the morning as later in the day, I am just not physically able to do it anymore, this is where the crockpot is bloody handy.

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  1. You are doing so well adjusting to a different lifestyle. Doing dinner in the morning is a great idea.

    Wish I could help you with ideas to relieve constipation. It's a horrible problem to have. Don't know which is worse ... one way or the other it's a pain.

    Don't worry about what you ate over the weekend. You can just start fresh in the morning.