Monday, April 29, 2013

Assignments, Assignments and more Assignments..

I have 5 assignments due in the next 2 weeks, then it is study for exam don't expect to hear much from me till then, and then I get a couple of weeks off, well it wont be of for me as I need to get ahead with my readings and assignments so I can enjoy the holiday to Aussie with hopefully only minimal study :)

I am so pleased with the 'CRPS' website, I never knew there were so many people out there with CRPS and I have had so much positive feedback from it, so thank you to all those who have emailed and left comments on the webpage :)

Splitting the morning methadone into breakfast and lunch has not really made a difference, instead of crashing at 2pm, I am now crashing at 4pm... but thats ok because the pain is a hell of a lot less than what it was :)

Only 2 months and 4 weeks till our trip, I am so excited and can't wait, even if we don't do much we have booked a room with a fantastic view of the ocean... and who cares if I have to use the wheelchair everyday to get out, it will still be a lovely break and it will be a lovely bonding time for David and I without any kids, dogs, and any other things :) I have really started to get excited about it all now :)

Talk soon and stay safe all and to all you lovely people out there with CRPS, hope the next few days are low pain days for you all :)

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  1. ohh that holiday is coming around very quickly....I would be starting to countdown to it too.