Saturday, April 13, 2013

Back home...

Had an ok time at Palmerston North, would have been so much better if I did not have to sit in class for 8 hours on Day 1, well actually I sat in class for 5 hours, by then my body was crashing, so went back to the unit and I slept.... we stayed at 'The Villa's', was a nice place to say, nothing to fancy but clean enough and big enough, though the shower could have been a lot better with shower pressure, would hate to have had long hair and wash it in that shower.... we had a huge private spa outside, which I forgot to photograph.... we didn't use it I was just to tired both days.

Had a lovely visit from Janine, which was really nice, like she said though we had not seen each other for 2 years, we just clicked again, friendships are lovely like that :)

Below is the kitchen and also my plastic plates etc.... I think I have mentioned my OCD is coming back, though the place was very clean I could still not eat of their plates etc.... I really need to get back on top of this, I don't want to let it get out of control :(

 The lounge and toilet below, it was ok apart from the shower pressure....
 We had an analogue TV in the bedroom, which had sky though we never watched any lol, the lounge TV only had free view which was perfectly fine for us as we don't have sky at home either :). The bed was a super king, pure bliss, our bed at home is king size and seemed so small lol.
 Below another picture of the lounge, had a pull pout bed and a desk, and dining room table, basic but nice :)

Sorry the photos are crap, am not sure why, the iPhone sometimes does that for whatever reason, I think I might have changed a setting, but I am going to start taking the other camera again from now on. 

We had a bit of a look around Palmerston, and really liked what we saw, loved the mall.... and am planning to go back there for a good look around. I fell in love with the store TS14 + I think that is what it is called, but it was way out of my price range lol.  I could actually live there I think :).

The course was really good, got our assignments back and passed whew.... I never really know how I do, as I usually medicated to the hilt and back lol. 

Came home to a clean house which was nice, and nice to know that there was no party while we were away, but Steph said she did miss me :). The dogs were beside themselves when they saw us, especially Chico, was nice to be missed. 

 I used a pillow on the way down and back, to rest my arms on, that worked well, it stopped a lot of vibration :), I am definitely going to take one on the plane as well. 

Anyway study break is over, though it certainly did not feel like a break, with assignments and courses. 


  1. YAY - you should move down here.....David could transfer!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You would certainly do well in PN. Glad things went well.


  3. Here is a link to part of the reason low carb is not getting an official thumbs up. Here in NZ we are somewhat isolated from the politics going on around food and diet thank-goodness.