Monday, April 22, 2013

Beginning weight...

This morning I weighed in, not impressed but then I have not done a BM for I don't know how long... this morning I went and got lots of foods with heaps of fibre in it... Next week have the doctor, so will also be asking him for his opinion on what else I can do or take. 

I am going to start going for smaller walks outside, just a few minutes here and there, I am thinking I might give aquajogging another go and see if the heat still affects me. It will be a good way to get out of the house as well and a break from study, I am going to talk to the doctor about the Green Prescription. Hopefully walking a little will get things moving as well. 

This morning I made a huge pot of vege soup, so that will be dinner with scotch eggs (Low Carb), though I am not really doing it, the others are :), and not sure what else. 

This morning has been study, this afternoon am hoping to get some work done on the website, click 'here' to check it out :). Need to also design the business card, now I have the logo done, my friend designed it.

I am changing the morning methadone meds around, I have halved it, so will have half for breakfast and half for lunch, hoping that might stop the crashing I have in the afternoon. 

My friend has designed this logo for the CRPS website, I love it, and it looks really good on the site :)


  1. Good that you have a starting point... onwards, and downwards from here ;) Great on the walking plans, even the tiniest amount will be a huge benefit. I know for me getting out of the house is good for my brain :)

  2. That really is a great logo. Says it all.

    Have you tried taking cod liver oil. I find the Arctic Brand, lemon flavoured easy to take, almost pleasant and I gag easily on such things. If possible and you can swallow it straight off the spoon take 5 ml x 3 per day until you worked out what the best dose is. You get a get dose of omega 3 and the benefit of being oiled so to speak. There are 3 flavours but the only one I like is lemon.

    Fibre may not make enough difference especially if you do WW. Their program is not short of fibre.

    Thanks for vouchers. We will enjoy using them. You are a blessing to us.

    Blessings to you.