Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I am really struggling at the moment, especially in the afternoons, though I desperately would love to go to bed and sleep, I make myself crash on the couch, I am scared if I start going to bed, I will spend more and more time in bed, and I don't want that. Another thing I am hating is the sweating when I am in somewhere that is warm, not hot, just warm, though my body feels cold to touch, I am absolutely sweltering... David will say gees you feel cold, yet I am dripping.... yeah no fun lol.

I hate how CRPS is slowly taking my freedom away, I am to young for this.... I am really looking forward to the trip to Aussie and I know I will push myself, and come back crashed but I don't care, I don't know where I will be at next year this time physically, and this could be my last trip and no way am I going to let CRPS hold me back on this trip.

Todays plan is try and knock most of this assignment off, which I am hating as it is suppose to be our two week study break, well hello why give us assignments in that time to do..... these are not just small ones either, these are ones that takes many many did I mention many hours of research...... (ok bitch session over with for now :)) ,and get a few groceries and thats about it for now....

Hope to make up some breakfast and lunch low carb things for in the freezer, for David's lunch etc or if we are on the go and need something to eat, or if I am to sick to cook.... where that will fit in today I have no idea at the moment, come 1pm and I am a write off. 

One thing that has been happening lately which has been really nice, is that when I go out I make an effort, with clothes, makeup  and hair, and I have been getting heaps of compliments on my clothes the other day I got 5 compliments on my jersey I was wearing and also my hair, am loving that, I never used to accept compliments but now I hold my head up high and say thank you. A really nice way to make someone feel good :)

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  1. I'm sorry you are feeling so bad. Nice to get compliments though and I'm sure you are happier when you make the effort too!!