Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Falling into place.....

Last week, I felt like everything was falling apart, I was really struggling with everything and felt like chucking everything in, I am glad I didn't, this week I feel like everything is coming right, I am pleased with all my assignment results to date, all my assignments are now spread out, so should not need to be to stressful..... I have decided to complete the Bachelor of Social Work, and am also doing a Diploma in Rehabilitation... next year I will do the placement, how yet I am not sure but I am going to do it :). I am so glad I have purchased the Dragon Dictation, that has really helped with my note taking and assignments. 

Pain wise with the increase of the methadone, my pain has decreased to a workable level, though come about 2pm I crash for a few hours, but hey the positive I get some good hours in the morning where I feel 'normal' :)

School holidays for the twins this Friday, so that will be nice - I have to take Steph shopping one day to try and find a ball dress for the school ball :). Chris isn't going because he has a diving course on that weekend, which is much more important to him than a ball ;). 

Counting down to the trip to the Gold Coast now only about 3 months to go... am really looking forward to it, and want to catch up with some people over there as well, and the good news is we will have time to catch up cause we are not booking ourselves silly with things to do every day. 

Oh yeah you know how I love anything Combi, well the shop that I raved about yesterday "RAPT", has this cool Combi wallet, and as I had a $15 credit in there, I put that towards it and scored this:

Sorry the pic is tiny.... but I love it, should be arriving tomorrow, who needs to leave the house to shop not me :)

Anyway assignment is calling so best I get back into it :)

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  1. Lauren loves combi stuff too! Cool to be able to shop online in this age of technology huh? I do almost all of my shopping online, no crowds, no parking hassles and delivered to the door, what could be easier??