Thursday, April 18, 2013

Marriage Equality Bill....

Last night New Zealand passed the third reading of the Marriage Equality Bill, I am stoked, I am all for it, not only does it mean marriage is now available to not just man and woman but also man & man. and woman & woman... it also means that couples regardless of sex is entitled to adopt and a few other things :) - my political assignment that I passed last week, was on this bill. :)

This picture I have plans for, cant wait it will be a while, but I am going to love it - yip you will just have to wait for the plans have for it, though I will take away the surfboard :)

Last night I put some pumpkin and a couple of potatoes and onion (which David had to peel and cut, cause I  can no longer do that :( ), and a few herbs in the crockpot, this morning I made it into pumpkin soup, and boy it was delicious :)

Dont forget to check out my CRPS blog.... I need the hits lol - click 'here', I changed the counter on it, and lost the 100 odd hits I already had :(. 

I think I have hit a turning point, in accepting of the CRPS, the other day I had to hand in my notice at the supermarket, after my ACC meeting, we came to a decision that I would never be going back there, no surprise really, but it was nice  of them to keep my job there for nearly 2 years. I am making some changes in myself that I have wanted to do for ages... as the changes happen I will update you, some things will be quicker than others :)

Anyway what I mean about the turning point with my CRPS, though I have said it before, I never really believed that I was going to have to live with CRPS for the rest of my life, but I know in my lifetime there will never be a cure, so time to do the things I have always wanted to do, exciting changes are happening....

Time to finish of my assignment, and Chris is coming home tonight after being in Auckland, so back to a full house again :)

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