Tuesday, April 23, 2013

So far so good...

Yesterday and today I have been for a few small walks, when I go out to the mailbox, I walk the streets a bit, not far but further than what I was doing, I have also added water to my body.... I am not giving up Diet Coke completely I need it to have with my meds, else I gag on them. Today and yesterday has been a good day, I think spreading out the methadone throughout the day, is working, though I am still zoned out in the afternoons, I don't seem to be quite so dizzy and tired... I am not going to get to excited yet... but am crossing fingers it might just work, I really don't want to give up the methadone, as the combination of meds I am on currently seems to be holding the pain at a fairly good level... when I mean a good level, it means I am not in tears all day with pain, don't get me wrong I still have pain like last night in my leg, it had me in tears but only lasted about 20 minutes... But still no BM :(.

Chris has been in Tauranga for a few days and is bussing home tonight, Steph is with David in Taupo at a driving course, it teaches them about how to deal with hazards that may happen when they are driving :)

Study is also going pretty good.... if nothing else it is keeping my brain working ;)

Today I put on the new nail polish I got the other day, I am really liking it, will try and remember to take a pic tomorrow.

Dont need to worry about dinner tonight, vege soup it is.... find that fills us up nicely, and if anyone else wants to eat something else, they can cook it themselves :)


  1. Glad to see u positive and in control of your life :)


  2. yay good on you for getting out for that walk :) and love the 'they can cook it themselves' comment ... too right!!