Friday, May 17, 2013

A bit of a health scare, and the most gorgeous dresses....

I am in love with these dresses from 'MISSMEL' in Aussie, and better still she does plus sizes, and also does made to fit on a lot of the stuff...... if I like the dress on me, I plan to get another couple, they will be brilliant for the summer... and they are not overly expensive though they do add a bit more on for made to fit, but hey I still think it is a good buy :)

Onto other things, yesterday I had to see the nurse for something, blood pressure was taken and it was sky high, I have had slightly elevated BP for the last year or two, but not enough to warrant meds, anyway I got an urgent appointment with my GP a couple of hours later and am now on BP meds, and to go back in 10 days, all my bloods came back fine, so that is a good thing :). I also discussed the constipation as well, as I am still not going, so also another med was given, I am not sure how long you can go without doing a BM, but it better hurry up, that is all I can say. 

I also need to cut back on my study, maybe do part-time as full-time is causing to much stress, and I need to relax a bit more. The tip to Aussie will be so good for me. I am also weighing in tomorrow and have rejoined WW. Did seriously think about low carb, but as I am still nauseous, I need to do what will work the best and for now it is WW. 

I am loving online shopping lately and discovered so much stuff that is way less than shops, I know online shopping affects shops but when I can get my OPI nail polish for less than 50% than the shop, though I have to wait a couple of days for the items to arrive, it is still worth it. And also I can buy dresses like above, which I doubt I would find in a shop in NZ, yet alone for those prices. 

Steph has started a job with a pizza place in Rotorua, had her first shift last night and loved it, she is back there again tonight.

Anyway Coronation Street is on, then after that we download the latest from England and watch that, so I get a good fix of Coro Street every week, we also download The Big Bang Theory, but that series is nearly at the end, I love that show as well :).

Raining here so not sure what we will do, probably not much as I have to finish 2 assignments which are due on Monday.


  1. Sorry to hear about your bp hope it gets under control with the meds. Nice dresses haven't worn one for years lol
    Have a great weekend Jaxx

  2. Those dresses are lovely !!! I'm not much of a dress person but they do look lovely.
    I hope that you get your BP under control soon and that this isn't anything seriously wrong that is causing it to be high.
    YAY for Steph enjoying her shift at the pizza place - long may it last.
    Have a great week !

  3. I love those dresses very pretty love the back on the last one.