Thursday, May 2, 2013

Doctors, Specialists and Psychologists...

Here we have 2 very spoilt puppies... they think they own the bed and couch :)

Saw my GP today, and we have done full bloods to see if that brings up why my legs are so sore, and to make sure my livers and everything is coping with all the meds I am on. I see my pain specialist at the end of the month. I also have seen my psychologist this week as well....I only see her monthly now, but I really need it, as she is the one that keeps me on track when I feel  like throwing it all in. My GP also has started my on a syrup med for my constipation, so just another thing to add to my list of pills, cross fingers it gets things working :) I have my hand therapist next week.

The GP has also put in an application for the Green Prescription, am hoping now that the weather is getting cooler, another try in the pool, so am hoping to get a discount for the pool... again crossing fingers I can handle the pool this time round :)

Also because I am losing ROM (Range of Movement) in my wrist, I am starting to wear my splint again, the one I am currently using should hopefully increase the ROM again.... also I am waking up heaps of time at nights with my wrist in so much pain, so again now that it is cooler I am hoping that I can handle it at night. Got to be some advantages to winter :)

It had been really nice the last couple of months not having to see any medical specialists for a bit, but back into it all again....

Anyway time to quit, the meds have just hit me... Have a great weekend all :)

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