Friday, May 24, 2013


Today I am feeling pretty good, the sun is shining, it is neither hot or cold, just a pleasant temperature. 
This morning this arrived, it is from "Holistic Hair", one is a molding clay and the other is Sea Spray, it makes your hair go like a beachy curl, which I am loving at the moment instead of the spiky messy look... hopefully next week I might get a photo for you or maybe another video blog. 

Below is the nail polish I got yesterday (check yesterdays post), I really love the colour :)
Tonight Chris is of to Auckland, tomorrow Steph and her friend are going up, they are all bussing, so don't need to stress about her driving lol. Steph is working tonight, hence why she is going up in the morning, quite often on "Grabone" they have "Nakedbus" fares for $10, can't complain for that to get to Auckland from Rotorua :)

Anyway I am going to have my afternoon sleep, assignment is well on track, am still constipated but am feeling pretty ok today :)

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  1. So glad you are feeling good today - long may it last.
    I hope you enjoyed your sleep - there is nothing better than an afternoon nap !!
    Have the best weekend !