Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day :)

Yesterday David and I went to Tauranga, to meet another fellow CRPS lady called Caren, she is from Wellington and comes up to the Mount to visit her family. It was really nice to meet another person with CRPS.  

Before the visit we stopped in at the Farmers market where we scored many many feijoa's my favourite fruit, was stoked as the season is near the end. We also popped into the Dutch Shop where we got some herbs etc, which we all love to put on the meat.

After the visit we went to Bayfair, it was quite busy there... anyway we went to Silvermoon as we had some vouchers to use there and I have always loved dangly charm bracelets (I had one but it was when my ex and I were together), I have my pandora which I also love but dangly charms I love even more... so I got the bracelet and I purchased 2 charms the peace sign and the peace bus, David got me the phone, laptop (notebook) and jandel so I have 5 charms so far and have already decided what I want next lol....

We were looking at buying this bracelet below but it was $240 but that was only part of the reason we never got it, it is on elastic and I thought it would be good to allow for swelling of my wrist, but when she took it out and pulled it the elastic broke and the individual beads went everywhere, so that changed my mind to the cheaper one :). The brand of the charms are Louis Thompson. I love them as well because they are colourful as well, well some of them anyway :).

Because with winter coming, and my CRPS and cold weather do not go well together, I have been looking at online shopping a lot more, and found some awesome bargains from websites that you could never get in a supermarket. I purchased a whole lot of ecostore products for the laundry in a pack they were offering for half the price... I know it is nicer to actually go out and buy things but sometimes the pain is just not worth it all. 

On Friday I went to Tauranga as well, as I had to get my hair roots touched up, Steph drove which was brilliant, but boy did I pay for it Friday Night for whatever reason I am not sure the pain in my arm/wrist was so bad, I tried the tens machine, heated wheat bags and nothing would work, luckily Saturday morning it was much better :)

Anyway people are rising in the house now so better be sociable, have a lovely Mothers day to all - catch you soon :)


  1. Happy mothers day jackie. Hope you have a good day.

  2. Just to say Hi and hope you are having a good week. I am still trucking along :) We have been away from home for so much of this year that I have found blogging put on the back burner. I really must make more of an effort :). Thanks for stopping by my blog to check on me :)
    Big hugs.