Friday, May 31, 2013

24 hours ago, I got some news that could change my life....

My appointment with the pain specialist went awesome, he is happy where I am at, at the moment.... we talked about some of the new symptoms which I was hoping was not the methadone, and it isn't, it is just progression of the CRPS, with the restless leg syndrome, I am upping my magnesium, the worse he said that could happen would be diarrhoea, which would not be an issue as I am still constipated,  I came out of there happy :)

Then a couple hours later, I got angry - gees teens can be an issue at times, all sorted now though.

Then happy again because a close friend rung me, I had some news yesterday which could would change my life, if it all goes ahead.... I have only told 1 friend and David for now, just in case it does not happen. Am trying not to get to excited, so if it all fails I wont be to let down :)

This weekend we are off to my Aunties for a visit, and the rest of the long weekend, will be relaxing, to cold to go anywhere with CRPS, unless I wear the gloves etc to keep my body at one temperature. The lakeside market is on, so will pop down there though :)

The nail polish arrived today that I am reviewing, here it is, am quite liking the colour, a nice winter shade :), excuse the nails looking messy, I need to finish them properly still :)

I dont know if any of you have watched "The Mindy Project", I love the program, and hope there is a second series, anyway she has this Audio book out, "Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me? (and Other Concerns)" By Mindy Kaling, it is awesome, I am about half way through listening to it, highly recommend it if you are a Mindy fan, and even better she narrates it herself. Click "here" to check it out :)

Anyway hope everyone has a nice weekend, we have a long one here, Queens Birthday Weekend so if you are lucky enough to have one there enjoy and stay safe if you are driving :)

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  1. Good news with the pain specialist.

    I know what you mean about teenagers :-)

    Have a lovely weekend.