Thursday, May 23, 2013

Plodding along....

Have I mentioned recently how much I am loving online shopping like ebay, Amazon and many many others... well I found these OPI nail polishes on an American Ebay shop, and got these 2 liquid sand nail polishes with postage for the price of what I would normally pay for one. Have the white one on now and love it.... and speaking of nail polish, I have been picked to review another OPI nail polish, that should be arriving next week. The nail polish from the states only took 6 days to arrive which is pretty bloody good :). 
Here are a couple of pics of Miss Chico, top one is of her just being gorgeous :), lately which is not so gorgeous is that she freaks out on thunder storms, we have had to use a natural calming tablet a couple of times.... she is so scared and wont leave us alone and shivers and shivers, even heavy rain is setting her off, we will need to work on this....
Here she is enjoying Steph's bunny called Buddy, they actually get on quite well which is nice, Biscuit on the other hand just wants to eat it, not so good :(. 

Am still constipated, am not sure what to do next, the pills are working a bit but nothing like they should... have to go back to the GP next week, so will talk some more about that, also have the pain specialist next week, between the two of them hopefully they will have some more ideas.

It has taken me a couple of days to come semi normal from the stress of the assignments finally feeling a bit better today.... if you don't count the constipation ;)

Have one more assignment to finish by Tuesday, which will be easily doable, then am having Wednesday and Thursday off then study for exams... starting in 3 weeks time. 

The holiday to the Gold Coast is creeping up slowly, am so looking forward to it.We have a couple of builders coming in the next few days to give us a quote on the deck, it is rotten and am to scared to use it, so will be nice to use it again next summer, will have to also get some nice furniture for it as well. We are also going to change the steps around as they are no good they way they are now for my CRPS.....

Anyway thats it for now, hopefully next time we chat the BM situation will be sorted lol. 


  1. You will enjoy having usable deck and steps.

    Sorry you are having so much bother with BM. It's a pain!!!!!

    Chico looks so happy in your photos.

    Hope you have a good weekend.


  2. I think I lost my comment.

    Anyway have a lovely weekend.


  3. Oh wow I've never seen Chico before, Gorgeous sweetie!!