Sunday, May 26, 2013

Tomorrow is weigh in day...

Week has been up and down food wise, mood wise and everything else wise....

This morning I sent in my final assignment for this semester, exams in just over 2 weeks time, I will be having a couple of down days and then back into it.

I have been told by so many people that "Bella Vi" is an awesome makeup brand, all natural and animal friendly, yesterday I purchased the deluxe starter pack, and tried it today, OMG it is awesome, I am so in love with it and will be certainly be replacing my makeup with it as it runs out.... so now I have my hair and makeup sorted with natural products.... what next :)

This is what the pack came with, and it was matched to my skin colour. I don't feel it is that pricey compared to other good brands of makeup.

Nothing else much here is new, can't wait till the weekend, when I get to see my Auntie, part of me is really scared, but that is only natural, I still can not believe that life has been so cruel to her, all of mums family so far have passed away with cancer.... 

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  1. Weigh In .... hope it went well. I'm stuck AGAIN it seems.

    I feel great but the weight does not come off easily, or should I say quickly, any more. Grrrr!

    I keep reminding myself that the scales will budge if I stay with the plan.