Monday, May 27, 2013

Weigh in...

Today I weighed in and lost 500 grams, am pretty stoked with that, after the week I have had. Things should calm down a bit now with assignments all done.

Remember last week I got these OPI nail polishes of eBay, well I put the blue one on last night and I love love love it...... the colour does not show up that well in the photo but it is absolutely gorgeous :)

Today having a rest day, everything is a bit sore today. So am going to blob in front of the TV and watch some stuff I have downloaded. 

Have a lovely day all, the sun is streaming through today, if it warms up a bit might even go and sit in it for a few moments :)


  1. 500ngm is great in one week. Hope this coming week goes just as well.


  2. YAY for a good loss - keep up the good work !
    Have the best day !