Monday, May 6, 2013


The medicine the doctor gave me to get my bowels moving is working after I don't know how many weeks, things are happening, thought you would want to know that :)

Still studying and changing the website around, which is keeping me busy.

Everyone is doing well, I am feeling pretty good at the moment, pain meds are working pretty well, still crashing in the afternoons but till about 1pm I am feeling pretty normal, well as normal as you can be with CRPS. 

Still not sure why I am having the pains in my legs at night, this is causing me to have sleepless nights, which is ok for now as I am not working, blood-test results should be back today or tomorrow, I am hoping it will be something simple like lack of a vitamin or something. I see the pain specialist at the end of the month, I need to ask a few questions about the trip and flying etc...

Just under 3 months till we will be at the Gold Coast, I can not wait :).

Talk soon and don't forget to check out the website "crps-nz"


  1. That's great news and glad you're doing well at the moment. Keep it up, can't believe its only three months till your trip.

  2. Glad things are going as well as possible.

    Thanks for all the vouchers. I'm sorry I was so slow letting you know they arrived. They went to Mum's house and we don't pick up our mail from there as often as we used to. It's good to have them and we will make good use of as many as we can. Thanks again. We really appreciate that you go to the bother of posting them to us.


  3. loving the positive vibe in your post!! Yay!!