Friday, June 14, 2013

Another post....

I have been looking for a animal friendly nail polish for a while, and found one today "color club", they have some gorgeous colours and sell in many places across New Zealand.

I have made sure that none of the ingredients are not animal tested, as so many companies do use ingredients tested on animals, but because they don't actually test themselves they call themselves animal friendly, Avon is a good example of this. If in doubt email the company and ask them for verification.

Another company I just found recently was this company based in Aussie but send to New Zealand, it is a organic skincare company called "Tree Fairy".  I am going to order some stuff and pick it up when we head over to the Gold Coast end of next month.

They have plenty of lovely stuff to choose from.

Anyway thats it from me - :)

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  1. You must be looking forward to your trip to the Gold Coast. I hope we can turn on some good weather for you. I try to buy animal-friendly products too (getting companies to disclose if they subscribe to animal testing is a whole other issue!) Thanks for your helpful suggestions on my blog too - really appreciate it xx