Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Feeling.... um not really sure how I feel.

Steph has a new boyfriend, this one lives in Rotorua, so she is never home, so we have been spending time with Buddy so he doesn't get lonely, here he is on the couch with Chico... Chico and Buddy get on quite well with each other, though Chico gets a little rough sometimes. Biscuit just wants him for breakfast....

My first lot of study arrived this morning, am stoked cause I was getting a bit bored and needed something to work on, and this way I can get ahead, so that when we go to Aussie I wont need to study :)
Had my pain psychologist this morning, I really needed to vent so it was really good, to get a lot of things of my chest.... shame they didn't go any smaller (the breasts I mean) talking to her.

David and Chris finished the dismantling of the deck, now to get ACC back in to see if they will put railings up...

We are going to Hamilton on the weekend, to see my Aunty, if she is up to a visit, she is still hanging in there and as good as can be expected, the trip to hospital and medication is doing it's job for now. It was touch and go there for a bit, she is back home with the support of hospice.

 Have not been for a walk for a couple of days, maybe this afternoon :)

Anyway need to fold some washing and then have my nana nap :)


  1. Hope you got your walk this afternoon.

    Sorry getting stuff of your chest doesn't result in shrinkage.

    I'm getting back on track... Yay!


  2. We had a cat and a rabbit that were best buddies....its good to see.
    Hope you got a walk in....