Friday, June 14, 2013

Hi all.... and update

We are now just waiting for the dreaded phone call, the trips to Hamilton in the last fortnight have knocked me around, add to that my aunty in the final hours/days of cancer, only diagnosed 3 weeks ago, and my exams, I have one wicked pain flare, I am taking nausea tablets constantly and am on max pain meds.....

Something had to give, and it was exams, I am putting in a medical certificate for them and crossing fingers. I did bloods yesterday, and go to the GP on Monday for results, hope they come back ok. Am hoping the blood pressure will be down, but to be honest I have a funny feeling it might not be with the way I am feeling.

I have not been sleeping hence the nausea, today I will go for my 500m walk or may even try a 750m, to clear my brain out.... 

On that note, am dropping Chris of at tech, then coming home and going to try and get some sleep and relax a bit.

Have a lovely weekend all :)

My aunty is doing well since they took some fluid of the lung, yay she can enjoy some more days with her family :)


  1. Hope your feeling better soon Jaxx thinking of you and your family

  2. Tough days to get through. Medical exemption for exams best thing you could do.

    Hugs and Blessings.

  3. That's no good - I hope you are feeling better soon !!!!
    Take care of yourself !

  4. Hello, just came across your blog and wanted to wish you good luck with your exams. I have CRPS in my right (dominant) hand, the end of every semester for the last two years has been all most unbearable. However with the support of a lot of people, heaps of physical therapy, and some medication I made it through. The feeling of graduating was just beyond amazing and possible all the more awesome for having had to work that much harder.