Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Photos and weigh in...

A Day In My Life Photo Challenge for 30 Days Of RSD/CRPS Awareness, June 2013 click 'here' for more info.

These are my photos for the first 3 days:

Day 1: A picture of you
Day 2: A picture of your comfort item
Day 3: A picture of something that makes you smile

Today I weighed in, 600 grams down so 1.1 kilos in 2 weeks, am feeling pretty ok about that - slow and steady will win the race :)

Went to Hamilton and visited my Aunty twice over the weekend, today I am sore and nauseous, but that is to be expected. Sometimes you just have to put your own issues aside and do what you have to do. In case you have not read it somewhere below, my Aunty recently (in the last 2 weeks) has found out she has cancer and a very aggressive one so does not have long. She is my mums sister and did so much for us when mum was dying, and our only Aunty in NZ, the rest are in Holland.

The weather here is so cold this morning, CRPS and cold do not go well together, have the heater on and after I have posted this I am going for a sleep. 

And a positive, I can now say we are of on our holiday next month, end of next month but still next month :).

Anyway sleep is calling so going to have a nap now.


  1. Congrats on the losses :) you're doing so well am envious :)


  2. Well done on the loss.
    So sorry to hear about your Aunt - cancer really sucks doesn't it?
    I hope you manage to warm up - have the best day you can !

    1. Yip cancer really does suck...., and today is heaps warmer thank god.

  3. Well done, 2 losses in 2 weeks.

    Sometimes yes we do have to put our own issues aside and do what we have to do. Love to you all in this distressing time. x

    Enjoy your nap.

    1. Thanks, and though I am paying for it big time now, I am glad I went and saw her :)

  4. Horrible for your aunt ... big hugs to you all. Great going on the loss!! Congrats ... and I just love your hair!!

  5. Thanks, I love my hair this colour, think I will stay blonde for a while now :)