Sunday, June 9, 2013


Yip thats me right now.... no matter how much I study, I am unable to retain anything - thanks meds, this is scaring the shits out of me, I have the first exam on Thursday, also the CRPS pain is playing up a bit with this change in temp, not good, add to that the stress I am feeling because of the exams and I am a right mess right now. And then add to that spasms happening all over my body, it all just sucks and is taking so much of my energy.

Onto more fun things, today we had lunch with Lee-Anne and Mr T. it was really good to catch up, tonight we have been planning our trip to the Gold Coast next month, when you have CRPS you have to plan in advance, we only have 3 full days of activities which we will spread out over the two weeks, the rest of the time is smaller activities and catching up with a person or two. Today we also went and had a look at the museum as it had some good exhibitions on, was really looking forward to the arcade exhibition but it was not what I expected :(, but the quilting one made up for it, we then went and had a quick visit to Davids mum, then home for my afternoon sleep :).

My hair was due for a cut and bleach in the next week or two, but I am going to wait for about a month, as I am trying to get some length in it, and then it will also be good for Aussie :) I am thinking of doing something like this, I like both of them, so will see what my hairdresser says, I am liking the top one best, but not sure if my fine hair will be able to have this look :)

This week not much happening apart from study. study and more study I suppose. 

Chris is in Auckland this weekend and comes home tomorrow night, Steph will be working, still enjoying her job :).

Am hoping to get to Hamilton this coming weekend, but have an exam on Saturday and also one Tuesday, so may have to play that one by ear. Oh I have been having a bit of a spending spree over the last 2 weeks, from Autograph and ASOS Curve, they have had some amazing sales and I could not just let them go by, so no more spending for me now, I need to save for Aussie, but I also now have some awesome clothes to take to Aussie :)

I am setting myself some small goals, will start on them maybe this week, if not then, then straight after the exams. I think I will put them up in the sidebar over the next few days. I also need to cut back time on the internet (apart from study), but I waste to much time surfing crap or spending money, so that will also be one of my goals, I need to use my time more constructively. I also want to take some more photos again, doing things not related to the computer .

Anyway I think that might be it from me till after my exams which will be 1 week on Tuesday, suppose the good thing is they are spread apart, so until then have an awesome week and weekend all :)

Oh and will catch up on the photos 30 photos for 30 days CRPS awareness, got a bit behind :)

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