Saturday, June 15, 2013


We were going to go to Tauranga today, but I was to tired, so instead we spent a nice morning at Rotorua, just doing odd and sods things, first we went to the markets and got some organic avocado's and some other veggies and fruits, I really wish we could buy more organic food here in Rotorua. After that we went to the chemist to pick up my life savers, or otherwise called meds :).

Then we went shopping for some boots, well yeah with my lovely swollen CRPS foot, knew it was going to be a mission, tried on 1 pair and no-where near, hell I was even prepared to pay $300 for the bloody things, but were not meant to be, and these were extra wide fitting, I so want a pair of boots.... I have my hopes on finding some in Australia, and if I do I will buy a few pairs enough to last me till my next visit to Aussie :)

So next mission to find some of this nail polish I found yesterday, 'Color Club' (check yesterdays post for more info), and low and behold I found some, and as they were selling out, it was only  $15 so purchased 4 colours, I have the orange/yellow looking one on now, it has quite a matte finish but added a top coat and it is just perfect, so now I will have to find another place to buy them from...
After that we went out for brunch, which was nice, then home to blob to the TV, David has gone to his mums to watch the rugby as she has sky and enjoys the company, me I am just blobbing in front of the TV, after having my afternoon granny nap and about to watch 'Come Dine With Me'. 

I have made some decisions about my life, things that will start to happen after our trip, I am going to make my health number 1 in my life. First obvious one is to lose some weight, second I want to try and get off some of my meds, I am over taking 50 meds a day. This will require a lot of discipline and thought on how I will approach this.

CRPS is here for life, there is no cure, the most we can do is try and delay the progression, there are going to be many times when I will need to use the wheelchair, (but hey who cares if it means I can get and about) there will be days where I know I just wont be going out anywhere, there will be many many pain flares, none of this will disappear, but with hard work I can slow it all down, I still need to think out a plan on how it can be done this requires finding many many online articles on what has helped other people. I need to be more disciplined with my pain meditations and mirror therapy and using the tens machine more.... these all help with the pain, I also  have to remember the saying "move it or you will lose it", this has been happening to my left hand since I am using the dragon dictation more, so I need to discipline myself more with doing the hand therapy movements my physio has taught me. It takes a lot of discipline but I feel I am ready for the challenge now :), I am no longer going to be the victim when it comes to CRPS, I will document my plan, and hopefully it might help one other person :). And please don't tell me that losing weight, and getting healthier will get rid of the CRPS, and that the wheelchair is temporary, it won't go away, the CRPS is here to stay, I have had it 5 years so there is no way it will go into remission now, but I can make my life much more fulfilled, and that may mean using the wheelchair more to get out and about, rather than missing out on things :).

I found this the other day an awesome 10 minute video about CRPS, explained really well :)

I am thinking I might document my progress on video as well :)

I have CRPS, that will never change, but I can slow the progression down, it wont be easy but it will be worth it.

Oh and I was telling you about the 'Bella Vie' makeup the other week, well since I have been using that make-up, I have had so many compliments on my looks, I love it lol. 

And on that happy note I will sign off now :)

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  1. Gosh hope you're snuggled up nice and warm in this weather.

    You must have quite a collection of nail polish now.

    And you are looking lovely