Monday, June 17, 2013

Weigh in....

and I forgot, I had to get to the GP to get a medical  certificate for my exams first thing, so will send that in and cross fingers I pass the papers, will weigh in tomorrow. 

Today I had the occupational therapist out to look at railings for the steps we have outside, but we have decided to change things around a bit, so will tell him to put it on hold and come back when we have lifted the existing deck, and go back to using the concrete steps that were originally there, it will be a lot safer, and we don't use that part of the deck for socialising in anyway. And it means I wont be arsing over on my butt anymore, like the OT did nearly today.

Am feeling much better now, after having a few days of rest, the pain is coming bak to a workable level, and am feeling heaps better :), sometimes I just have to listen to my body when it starts going haywire. 

My aunty is still hanging in there, it must be so hard knowing you are going to die sooner rather than later.... she is fighting to hang around a bit longer, though she gets tired she is still aware of everyone which is nice. My mother hung on 4 weeks, without any fluids and food, and was asleep, that was really hard watching her suffer like that, that was one thing she never wanted to happen... I have full support for euthanasia in cases like that, and before that, she had been pretty out of it for months. 

Anyway onto brighter things, 1 month, 1 week, and 3 days till we hit the Gold Coast, am so excited :), am so hoping I can find some boots to fit my CRPS foot.... 

Now I am feeling better time, to get walking again, tomorrow I am going to aim for 1km. 

Thats it from me now, the meds are kicking in and I will start getting confused and god knows what I might type :)

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  1. I'm glad that you are listening to your body and resting when you need it - I have learned to listen to my body and it definitely likes me more when I do !!!
    We must make some arrangements to catch up when you are here - maybe mail me the dates and I can see what I have on. We are going to Tassie but I think only in August sometime.
    Have a great day !