Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A little post...

Yesterday we went to the Haunted house shop to get these, I love these glasses, they fit my hands nice, they only had 4 left and they are not getting them again :(.

I also got these arm warmers for those cold chilly mornings back in Rotorua, they were down from $16 to $5 got to love a bargain.

Today we went to 'Robina Town Centre', my god it is huge and fantastic, I spent lots of money there on clothes, handbags, a new wallet, a pressie for Steph, a necklace, headband and think thats it :)

After that we went for a drive, the Gold Coast is full of high rise apartments and buildings, I really could live here, so we purchased a lotto ticket and some scratches to see if we can win some money to move here, with the house prices here, we need to win a huge prize lol.

On the way back we stopped at another mall, and went and got a few groceries and went and had an early dinner at an Italian restaurant, I ordered pizza and brought most of it home for breakfast tomorrow :), New Zealand I feel could learn a lot from Australia and their tourist attractions, they always have nice things to look at, like the pictures below.

Tomorrow a friend is coming for a visit, and probably go to Australia Fair, but I think David is getting sick of shopping, so we might give it a miss till later in the holiday lol, and tomorrow night we are hoping to head out to Surfers Paradise Markets.

My CRPS foot needs a quiet day I think :)

Anyway thats it for today so catch you all tomorrow, every night I am trying to keep on top of the photos by sorting through them and putting away in the appropriate folders, the last thing I need when I get back is to have a few thousand photos to go through, this way I will also remember what days we did what :)

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  1. Those glasses are shocking and I know you'll love them.

    Sounds as though you are having a great time.