Monday, July 1, 2013

A new week, a new month and that means.....

we are of to the Gold Coast this month yay.......

Ok I said I would be doing outfit posts again, so here we are, I only needed to go to the supermarket and the couriers, lately I had been going without even doing my hair - not good. 

Anyway had to take the pictures with the iPhone as the camera batteries had died, so they are not the best but you get the picture :).

I am wearing the leggings I ordered the other day from 'Shop Emerald City' they arrived pretty smartly too.... the top is an old one from 2 years ago, I think it may be a Farmers one. Oh and I got complemented twice on the leggings today :). 

                  Miss Chico wanting to get in some of the photos :)


 If you look closely at the shoes they have spikes on them at the back, I can not wear many shoes apart from these type, so got excited now that they are starting to bring in some trendier shoes, they are from 'Number One Shoes'. They currently have a buy 2 get a pair free, so might go and see if I can fins another couple of shoes like this :).

Here are some face shots, again not the best with lighting and stuff, think next time I will take them a little later in the day with more natural lighting. My hair is in a desperate need for a cut and the roots need to be done again, but will do that in about 2 weeks time, just before Aussie :)
Anonymous - you asked about the shoes in a post a few days ago, when I showed the leggings, they were not my legs, I wish they were, the shoes above is all I can really wear now, after 2 years of only wearing jandals. 

 The nail polish I am wearing is from 'The Color Club', it is from the Halo Hues Holographic collection and the color is Cherubic. You can just see it in the above photo. 

Necklace is an Avon one, and the earrings I got from the gypsy market sometime ago. Makeup not that you can really see it is mostly from 'Bella Vie' and 'Ro Vie Cosmetics'

I said above I had to go to the couriers, to pick up a parcel, it was a prize I had won from Facebook last week, I don't enter many competitions now, which means I am not winning much, so this was a nice surprise. I won some 'Methven hand and body wash and some hand and body cream' infused with grapefruit and pomegranate :).

It was nicely packed and does not smell to bad, so that will come in handy :).

Today not much, will do some study and Steph is home so need to have a chat with her today about her future, Chris has  couple days of Tech so has got a mate around for the night. 

Dinner is organised well nearly just need to cook the meat up and we are having homemade pies, everyone cooks their own as we all like to add different bits and pieces to it, not that the pie maker holds a lot but oh well...

Was just about to sign off, and this just arrived by courier, I had won it a couple of weeks ago it is by 'Wild Appetite' Melanesian Mango Savoury Sauce. 

So now I am going to sign off, as not expecting anything else today :)

Have a happy day all :)


  1. Love your leggings too.

    Good on you for getting dressed up with make-up.

    Can't believe you are so close to your trip. It will be good to get away from Rotorua this time of year.


    1. Yeah can't wait, it will be so relaxing I hope :)

  2. Your leggings look great !
    Well done on your wins - always good to get surprises in the mail.
    Have the best day !

    1. Yip love surprises, I think this has been the only wins since Feb.

  3. OOO I love the leggings, I'm going to check out that site asap.

    1. Sorry the site has now closed down, which is a shame cause they always had something different.

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