Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Am feeling.....

pretty good at the moment if I ignore the CRPS. Today the courier has been twice, first off was the nail polishes I got from Trade Me, and not 1 colour was a double up yay :)
Second package was a Skater Dress I got from ASOS, I had seen a skater dress I loved but was very pricey and didn't want to risk it, as I had never tried one before, so ASOS happened to have 1 in sale, so got it, tried it on and fits perfect, so thinking after my holiday might get the one I really liked. 

Having found all these plus size fashions blogs has been awesome, I never knew how may plus size clothes there are out there, my wardrobe is filling up with clothes I love, no longer clothes I purchased because that was all they had in my size. It has opened up a whole new world for me, I have so much more pride in myself, like doing my nails, wearing make-up and feeling good about the clothes I am wearing. 

Blondie - got the shoes from Number One Shoe Warehouse :)

Now the downside, through the CRPS website, it is so sad, hearing about all these children with CRPS, at my age it is hard enough, but for kids, it just makes me want to cry. How something so simple as a twisted ankle or a broken bone, can turn their lives around, CRPS sucks at the best of times, but for kids it is so much more. 

Anyway am getting lightheaded, nap time is calling :)


  1. YAY for clothes that you like and that fit - win win all around !
    Have the best day !

    1. Yeah all I need now is my boots and then I will be one happy person, which i hope to get in Aussie :)

  2. The nail polishes are in gorgeous colours. Good luck leaving your twins home alone while you're here in Oz. Very brave of you! xx

    1. Yeah brave or stupid, will let you know on my return lol