Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Been ummmmmm....

Not really sure, one day blurs into another, but there were some good things that have been happening but first off -  what was beautiful was the other morning I was sitting outside watching the dogs when a Tui landed in the tree and went into a lovely song, was so nice and peaceful - not really a good picture, but only had the iPhone on me, should have got it on video so you could have heard it as well :).
Another good thing, is I finally found some shoes with a heal I can wear, it has been over 5 years since I have worn any sort of heal, ok I know most of you will say thats not a heal but to me it is, so there..... they are tiny enough I can't do any damage to my ankles, they are wide enough to fit my swollen CRPS feet, and I feel oh so posh lol, can only wear them when I don't have to walk much, but hey thats fine for me for now :).

I have also been finding heaps of Color Club nail polishes and loving them, the top ones are just the plain bright colors the ones at the bottom are from the 'Halo Hues Holographic Collection', and they are awesome, I have another 5 colors coming from 'Trade Me', think then I have enough for a while :).

And below is just a plain silver one, as I love silver..... and below those are the 'Ruby Wing Color Changing Polishes' they are fun....

Below is the Color Changing Polishes, the top is the green one above, colour 'Cut Grass', it is like a mint green inside then you go outside and it is like a dark green. Excuse that the nails are not very tidy but it is the best I can do with CRPS :)
 Above is it outside and inside, and below it is all inside.
 Below is the blue one, can't seem to find that color on the website, anyway it is like a pastel blue inside and then it goes to a purple outside. I have done one nail on each hand with the Blue Heaven Halo Hues Holographic Polish just because.

So I have been having lots of fun playing with nail polish.... and why do I like Color Club, becasue of this "Formulated and bottled in New York City, every polish is completely non-toxic, environmentally safe, and 4-FREE (no harsh chemicals like toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, and DBP). Plus, they're vegan, and never tested on animals."

I have also got back into study, feels good to be back in a routine again, today I also did my walk, rather slow today, there is no way I am going to make the 2k's before Aussie oh well... time today was 14.24minutes, distance 1.10km's averaging 13.09km's per hour. I was pretty sore after the walk today. 

We have a hand basin in the toilet, yeah real surprise I hear you say... anyway it has been leaking, get the plumber out on Thursday, tightens it all as that was all he thought needed doing, hmmmm worked fine for an hour or so, then dripped again, got the plumber back again on Friday, he goes oh it must be the pipes and replaces them.... Saturday still not leaking so we thought yay fixed.... till I went to the toilet Saturday morning, early and stepped in a puddle, first thought the dogs had done a wee wee in their but not possible as door is always shut due to Miss Chico having a fascination with toilet rolls, the kids are to old to miss the toilet so looked in the cupboard under the tap and yip there was the culprit. So back came the plumber on Monday and put a new tap in, it is now Tuesday night and it is looking good, wonder what that will cost :(.

Considering it is winter here, the days have been nice and warm, have been able to open up all the doors and windows and get some lovely fresh air through the house. 

Oh and less than three weeks till we are at the Gold Coast :).


  1. Nice shoes !!! I'm not a big fan of heels either - flats work best for me and my back.
    It's been so warm here - I hope it lasts until you get here !!!
    Have a great day !

  2. I love that green and blue nail polish that changes colour in light how cool, where did you get the heels from?

  3. Love the colours of the nail polish, the colour changing ones are very pretty. :-)